140th Anniversary of the Zoo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is 140 years young in 2016!  It’s been a wild ride caring for animals in the heart of Druid Hill Park for well over a century. As the third oldest zoo in America, we’re proud of the firm place The Maryland Zoo has in the history of Maryland and even more proud of the role accredited zoos like this one are currently playing in conserving wild life and wild places everywhere. We’re sure the future will only be that much more, you guessed it, WILD!


Zoo History

Not a full history lesson, but here are some of the wildest dates in The Maryland Zoo’s history.

140 timeline Final edited


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Giveaway Days

In celebration of our birthday, each month we are treating the first 1,000 guests to some great prizes!


 May 21 – Green Logo Water Bottle


June 11 – Navy Sport Bag


July 16 – Red Logo Water Bottle


August 20 – Aqua Tote Bag


September 24 – Green Sport Bag

2016 Events Calendar

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What's Next?

Baby Giraffes

With three healthy, young female giraffes and one very interested male, the Zoo hopes to see the herd grow in the next few years (bearing in mind that giraffes are pregnant for 15 months!).

New Exhibit in the Maryland Wilderness

The former fox exhibit in the Maryland Wilderness is getting new life! 2016 will bring renovation and a new species to that area.

Emphasis on Elephants

96 elephants are killed in the wild EVERY DAY. As the Zoo works to continually raise awareness about conserving this incredible keystone species, we’re also committed to protecting these threatened animals and enhancing the long term investment in elephants here at the Zoo.

Improving Giraffe and Lion Yards

The Zoo is always looking to the future and how we can improve this facility. In the next phase of Zoo improvements, there’s an eye towards the adjacent giraffe and lion yards. These are two animals that have been guest favorites at the Zoo for a long time and enhancing the space for will update the exhibit area for both species and improve views of for guests.

Even More Penguins

Penguin Coast will turn two years old this year!  Everyone at the Zoo is as excited about this state-of-the-art exhibit as the day it opened, and we hope you are, too. The new exhibit has space for up to 100 endangered African penguins. The Zoo’s colony currently numbers 60 birds and keepers are working to follow recommendations from the Penguin Species Survival plan and facilitate breeding to grow this award-winning program.

Saving Golden Frogs

Panamanian Golden frogs are tiny amphibians with a big problem. A golden frog has not been seen in its native habitat since 2009. The largest number of golden frogs in the world live here at The Maryland Zoo. The Zoo maintains and breeds two healthy populations of frogs with a future goal of returning frogs to the wild.

Focus on Species Survival

We’ve named a few already, but the Zoo participates in numerous Species Survival Plans overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. These plans allow zoos to make scientifically valuable decisions about what animals to breed to ensure healthy populations of endangered species for generations to come.