FREE Virtual Field Trips for Maryland Schools

Virtual Field Trips are 30-minute, live webinar presentations by a Zoo Educator engaging students with the Zoo in real time. Thanks to a generous grant and foundational support, Virtual Field Trips are available for FREE to all Maryland schools (PreK4 to 12) including public, private, and homeschools.

Looking for a more private virtual experience for your students? Check out our Virtual Zoo to You program! Virtual Zoo to You is also great for out-of-state (non-Maryland) schools, after-school programs, and non-school groups.



Variety is the spice of life! Check out the favorite flavors of Zoo residents.

Thursday, February 16 – 9:30, 11:00, or 1:30


Birds are born to fly! …or not? Meet some feathered friends at the Zoo.

Thursday, March 16 – 9:30, 11:00, or 1:30

Animal Giants

Learn more about some magnificent giants who share our planet.

Thursday, April 13 – 9:30, 11:00, or 1:30

Animal Superpowers

All animals have superpowers! Learn about how some species use their superpowers to survive in their environments.

Thursday, May 11 – 9:30, 11:00, or 1:30

  • Eligibility & Registration: Virtual Field Trips are available only to Maryland schools, including public, private, and homeschools. Registration is required but participation is not automatically guaranteed. Upon approval, registrants will be sent confirmation and the webinar information. Persons completing the registration must be age 18+ and affiliated with a Maryland school. Click the preferred date and time listed above to register.
  • Virtual Platform:
    • The Zoo hosts Virtual Field Trips using Zoom Webinar. Zoom Webinar information and assistance can be found here. Teachers can join the Virtual Field Trip webinar from a single room/device, from multiple rooms/devices, or they may give the link to their students to log in individually on separate devices.
    • For the best experience, we recommend projecting the Virtual Field Trip onto a screen for your students to participate together. If you have students joining from their home device, you are welcome to share the webinar link with them. Note the webinar ID and passcode alone will not work since registration is required. Please be sure to share the webinar link with your students.
  • Security: The Maryland Zoo is dedicated to ensuring that all virtual experiences remain safe for participants. For everyone’s safety, participants will not be permitted to use their cameras or microphones during the webinar. Teachers (and students logging on individually) may submit questions through the Q&A feature. The hosting Zoo Educator can and will remove participants from the webinar if they are using the Q&A feature inappropriately. Please see the Maryland Zoo Privacy Policy for additional information.
  • Recording: Video/audio recording of Virtual Field Trips is not permitted. Participants are welcome to take pictures or screenshots.
  • Cancellation: The Zoo reserves the right to cancel a Virtual Field Trip or end a Virtual Field Trip for any reason.

QUESTIONS? Call 443-552-5300 during normal Zoo hours or email