Live Cams & Feeds

Live view from outside Penguin Coast. Visit this cam to see penguin activity including feeding times at 10:30am and 3:30pm every day!

Penguin Cams




Trumpeter swans Scuttle and Buttercup and nesting next to the Farmyard pond again! Watch as they perfect their nest, protect their eggs and hopefully welcome cygnets to the world.

Swan Nest Cam





Live view from Lion Overlook. Visit this cam to see activity from female lioness Zuri and male lion Hassan!

Lion Cam





Live view from outside the flamingo habitat. Visit this cam to see flamingo activity every day!

Flamingo Cam




Live view from the Goat Corral inside the Farmyard. Visit this cam to see goats eating, enjoying enrichment, and climbing on their Goat Castle!

Goat Corral Cam