Animal Ambassadors at the Maryland Zoo

The Zoo’s Ambassadors are a special group of animals that travel offsite for programs, attend special events, or meet visitors out on Zoo grounds. Although they do not have permanent habitats on Zoo grounds to visit, you may spot one at locations throughout the Zoo. In particular, look for Animal Ambassadors to make appearances in the Main Valley and the Penguin Education Center.

Explore and learn more about some of the animals in this program, by choosing to sort “animals by habitat” and selecting “animal ambassadors” on the Meet The Animals page.

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Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, & Amphibians

Penguins, armadillos, and snakes, oh my! Animal ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes and each is selected for their specific comfort around people and ability to help live out our mission of engaging people with the wonder of the living word.

Specialized Training

Every animal at the Zoo has a training program to practice behaviors that make it possible for them to voluntarily participate in their own healthcare (think, opening their mouth on a cue so a veterinarian can examine their teeth). Because Animal Ambassadors have a specialized job traveling to different locations and displaying natural behaviors for audiences, their training typically includes many unique behaviors.