This form is for new Homeschool reservation requests ONLY.

To reschedule an existing field trip reservation, click here.

Before you complete this form, you will need to make sure you have the following information:

  • Total number of students (grade K/age 5 through grade 12)
  • Total number of teachers
  • Total number of other adults
  • Total number of children age 2 through 4

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Read carefully the Zoo’s field trip policies (required), and determine if your group is eligible for the grant-funded free field trip program.

Groups that are not eligible for the grant-funded field trip program may use the Large Group Ticket Sales page to plan their visit.

Step 2:

Check the calendar below to see if your preferred date is available. NOTE: Two weeks’ advance notice is required for field trip reservations. Dates in red are already full or otherwise unavailable for field trips.

YELLOW = Spaces Running Low
RED = Spaces Not Available

Step 3:

Complete the Homeschool Reservation Request Form below. NOTE: Missing or incomplete information will delay processing.

    What field trip date are you requesting?
    First Date Choice
    Second Date Choice
    What time would you like to enter the Zoo?
    Tell us about you and your school!
    Your First Name
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    Daytime Phone
    Full School Name
    School Street Address
    Zip Code

    Step 4: Tell us about your group!

    Grade Level (check all that apply)

    Estimated field trip fees will be based on the attendance numbers you provide below. You will only be charged (if applicable), however, on the day of your visit for your actual attendance.

    Your required number of chaperones will be calculated by dividing the number of students by eight (8). These required adults are admitted free. All other adults beyond this ratio will receive a discounted admission rate. NOTE: Teachers are not automatically free. Please review carefully the field trip pricing information in the Field Trip Policies.

    Number of Students
    Number of Teachers
    Number of Other Adults (not including those above)
    Number of children age 2-4

    Note that required chaperone slots (i.e., free adults) will be assigned first to teachers and then if applicable to parent chaperones. Adults—whether teachers or parents–beyond the 8:1 chaperone ratio will be considered “extra adults,” and will receive a discounted admission rate.

    Who will be the contact person on the day of your field trip (if different from above)?

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