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Penguin Coast
The Zoo's newest exhibit will put you closer to penguins than ever before. Click to learn more.
Landing This Fall
See these brightly-colored beauties next to Penguin Coast. Click for details.
Now on Exhibit
Introducing the newest addition to the Zoo's Polar Bear Watch, a bald eagle you helped name.
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Penguin Coast Opens 9/27 Free Rides to the Zoo 2014 Member Mornings Zoomobile Planning Your Visit

At the Zoo’s new state of the art exhibit you will see penguin closer than ever.

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Hop aboard the Safari Express Saturdays this July and August.  Free rides departing from the Baltimore Visitor Center courtesy of Veolia Transportation.


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This year’s Member Mornings are the first weekend of every month!  Learn about the exciting change and see a complete schedule of 2014 dates.


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Let the Zoo come to you!  Learn how you can schedule an interactive, educational experience with live animals at your school, community center or event.


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There’s so much to see and Zoo! Find out what’s happening on your next wild adventure to The Maryland Zoo.


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Flamingos Coming Soon!

A flock of 14 Caribbean flamingos makes its debut on exhibit beginning September 27th.

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