Bring the Zoo to You!

We have reimagined some of our most popular ZOOmobile programs as live and interactive virtual experiences.

“The presentation was easy to schedule, was well done, and well-received. It was great to learn about the different animals and to get a glimpse of the zoo behind the scenes.” – Virtual ZOOmobile Participant


Virtual ZOOmobiles are 30-minute live, interactive presentations featuring up-close encounters with three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors. During this private experience, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions LIVE about the animals, the care they receive, conservation efforts, and more. We welcome families, individuals, as well as groups such as schools, clubs, colleges, scouts, senior centers, libraries, or even as a special treat for the folks in the office!


Tuesdays through Saturdays at 9:30 am, 11:30 am, or 1:30 pm (ET)


30 minutes

PROGRAM price:

$230 per private session


Sensory Safari (age 0-4)

Join us for a fun and silly, interactive activity all about animals and the five senses. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors to discover how they use their special senses.

Waddle & Wiggle (age 0-4)

Waddle and wiggle with us in this interactive program all about animal movement. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors to see how they move around.

Home Sweet Home (age 0-4)

Discover what makes the animals “Down By The Bay” special through an interactive song. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors and learn how they live right here in Maryland.

Habitat Happenings (age 5 and up)

Explore the unique ways animals are able to survive in their habitats. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors from around the world.

Saving Species (age 5 and up)

Get an inside look at the Zoo’s conservation work. Meet three of the Zoo’s endangered Animal Ambassadors, learn their stories, and the ways the Zoo is working to help.

Creature Cuisines (age 5 and up)

Discover the differences between animals that eat plants and meat, and how we feed so many mouths here at the Zoo. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors, each with unique dietary needs.

Fur, Feathers, and Scales (age 5 and up)

Explore the variety of life on Earth. Meet three of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors, and discover what makes each unique.

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Tickets & Scheduling:

  • Registration is required at least 72 hours in advance through our website. Payment is due at the time of registration via credit card. Registrants must be 18 years or older to purchase Virtual ZOOmobile tickets.
  • Purchase of one (1) Virtual ZOOmobile ticket is required per private session. Registrants will first need to select the preferred date and start time. Registrants with schools in Maryland should add “1” ticket to the quantity field for “MD school group”. All other registrants should add “1” ticket to the quantity field for “Nonschool group”.
  • Registrants are required to provide the number of children and/or adults attending the Virtual ZOOmobile and to choose a program topic during registration. Descriptions of each topic are listed above. No matter the topic, all Virtual ZOOmobiles feature meeting three of the Zoo’s live Animal Ambassadors.
  • We recommend keeping the number of participants per session low to provide a more interactive and personal experience, but we are able to see up to 100 viewers per private session.

Virtual Platform: The Zoo hosts Virtual ZOOmobiles using Zoom Meetings, but we are able to accommodate Google Meet for organizations that do not permit Zoom. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform and test your account prior to your scheduled session. Zoom Meetings information and assistance can be found here.

  • Participants can join the Virtual ZOOmobile from a single room/device, from multiple rooms/devices, or they may log in individually on separate devices.
  • Ideally, all participants will have access to a camera and microphone (or the ability to use the chat feature) to ask their questions and interact with the Virtual ZOOmobile hosts, but we know that may not be possible for everyone. No matter your circumstances, we will be flexible and do our best to ensure the experience is engaging for everyone.
  • The Zoo will send a Zoom Meetings link to the registrant at least 72 hours prior to the program. The registrant is responsible for sharing the meeting link with their participants.

Security: The Maryland Zoo is dedicated to ensuring that all virtual experiences remain safe for participants. Virtual ZOOmobiles are private sessions. We never mix groups into a single session. Viewers will be given permission to activate their cameras and microphone and use the chat feature to make the experience interactive. The Zoo employs a number of measures to ensure the security of the virtual meeting space.

  • Communication: Zoo staff will communicate with registrants only through official Maryland Zoo channels. Most communication will take place through email from either or
  • Participant verification: At the beginning of the Virtual ZOOmobile, participants enter a waiting room. The hosting Zoo Educator will admit the registrant first (please make sure you add your name so we can find you easily). The registrant, or another delegated adult, is responsible for communicating to the hosting Zoo Educator if any of the participants do not belong.
  • Meeting settings: All participants will enter the meeting muted. Participants will be given the opportunity to unmute and ask questions at specified times during the Virtual ZOOmobile. Participants will not be able to chat privately with each other, record the session, share their screen, or share images in the chat. Virtual backgrounds will be disabled.
  • Managing inappropriate behavior: The hosting Zoo Educator can and will mute and turn off the video of participants, or remove participants from the Zoom Meeting, if they are saying or sharing inappropriate things.

Recording: Video/audio recording of Virtual ZOOmobiles is not permitted. Participants are welcome to take pictures or screenshots.

Rescheduling: Reservations may be changed up to 72 hours before the scheduled Virtual ZOOmobile and are subject to an Administrative Change Fee. Changes are not permitted within 72 hours of the scheduled Virtual ZOOmobile. Contact us at or call 443-992-4585.

Refunds: Virtual ZOOmobile tickets cannot be returned or refunded.

Cancellation: Virtual ZOOmobiles are weather, staff, and animal dependent. The Zoo reserves the right to cancel a Virtual ZOOmobile or end a Virtual ZOOmobile for any reason, including participant behavior.


Call 443-992-4585 during normal Zoo hours or email

The Maryland Zoo’s Outreach programs are generously supported by:

  • The Maryland State Department of Education
  • The City of Baltimore
  • The Citizens of Baltimore County
  • Howard County Government and the Howard County Arts Council
  • The Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation
  • Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.
  • Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds
  • Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker
  • The Phase Foundation
  • PNC Foundation