What is Quarters For Conservation?

When you purchase a ticket to visit the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, you are helping to protect wildlife and wild places!

For each ticket purchased, 25 cents of the ticket price goes directly to the Zoo’s conservation fund. This fund supports a range of projects with field partners around the world.

Learn more below about the projects currently being supported through Quarters for Conservation funds.

Your Quarters Support:

African Savanna Elephants via Elephants For Africa


Elephants for Africa is working to fill gaps in understanding about the social needs and movements of male elephants, particularly as poaching has removed many of the older bulls who were carriers of important social and ecological knowledge. The Zoo supports Elephants for Africa in this important work through funding, information sharing, and scientific collaboration.


African Penguins via NAMCOBB

african penguin

African penguins are native to the coasts of South Africa and Namibia, yet the majority of conservation attention has focused on South African populations. Staff from the Maryland Zoo have been working to change this. The Maryland Zoo is a founding member of a new non-governmental organization in Namibia called the Namibian Foundation for the Conservation of Seabirds.


Panamanian Golden Frogs via EVACC Foundation

In Panama, local conservationists are working to establish assurance colonies of critically endangered native amphibians like Panamanian golden frogs. The Maryland Zoo supports El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center, both a breeding center for amphibians and a discovery center for local visitors and tourists, through technical and financial support.


Want to learn more about conservation at the Maryland Zoo? See our Conservation Mission.