Become a Planet Protection Agent

Celebrate Earth Day and spring into action during Party For the Planet! Complete our Operation: Conservation activity by carrying out missions throughout the Zoo to protect the planet and become a Plant Protection Agent! Visitors who complete the challenge will be entered to win a special prize.

Mission: Turtle Tracking

Location: Snowy owl habitat (Main Valley)

Action: Learn about how the Zoo researches and protects Maryland native species and help us track box turtles!

Learn more: The Zoo is committed to preserving all wildlife, including native wildlife. You can help protect Maryland native animals, too!

Native Species Conservation

Mission: Identify Plants

Location: Pawprint Park (Main Valley)

Action: Meet horticulture experts and identify plants for your backyard. Together, you’ll learn about native and invasive species and what’s best for your home.

Learn more: Planting native plants around your home can help enhance the beauty of your home while contributing to the environment around you!

Conservation at Home

Native Plant Gardening

Mission: Citizen Science

Location: Naturalist Lodge (Zoo Central)

Mission: Become a citizen scientist and join our naturalists in observing and collecting scientific findings for their research.

Learn more: Explore and share your observations from the natural world!

Learn about iNaturalist

Mission: Recycling

Location: Penguin Education Center (Penguin Coast)

Mission: Craft with us and learn the art of recycling during an interactive scavenger hunt to sort trash from recycled treasure.

Learn more: Check out your city or county’s recycling resources!

Baltimore City Recycling

Mission: Protecting Wildlife

Location: Pawprint Park (Main Valley), Penguin Coast, or the lion habitat (African Journey)

Mission: Stop by one of our activity tables to learn about the threats that wildlife faces and the ways you can help to have a positive impact.

Learn more: See what you can do to protect species across the world and help reduce your environmental impact!

Sustainability at the Zoo

Mission: Meet a Keeper

Location: Various areas (View schedule)

Mission: Meet a zoo keeper at a scheduled keeper chat and learn how they care for the animals at the Zoo.

Learn more: See what the Zoo is doing to protect and conserve wildlife on campus and across the world!

Conservation at the Zoo

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Become a Planet Protection Agent by completing each Operation: Conservation mission. Visitors who solve all 6 missions will be entered to win a special prize by using the form below.

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