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Off Exhibit: Welcoming a Bobcat

EPISODE #29 – WELCOMING A BOBCAT Elusive, intelligent, sly…just some of the ways to describe bobcats, a species at home in parts of Maryland and most of North America. Now, this charismatic cat will have a special home at the Maryland Zoo. Behind-the-scenes … Continued

Off Exhibit: Inside Animal Operations

EPISODE #24 – INSIDE ANIMAL OPERATIONS With more than 130 acres of land, 80+ buildings, and hundreds of animals there are bound to be some wild logistical challenges. Enter Cristina Lauri, the Maryland Zoo’s Animal Operations Manager.  What exactly does the operation … Continued

Off Exhibit: Working With Elephants

EPISODE #23 - WORKING WITH ELEPHANTS They’re the largest animals at the Zoo and deservedly get an equally large amount of care and training.  Elephants are complex mammals with complex needs and the challenge of working with them is one that … Continued

Off Exhibit: Three’s Company

EPISODE #22 – THREE’S COMPANY Recently, the Zoo’s lion pride was reconnected on exhibit after months of being separate.  Why were they separated and what ultimately led to their reunion?  Animal keeper Sydney Larsen joins us on this episode of … Continued

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