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Feed a Giraffe

See what it’s like to stand face-to-face with a giraffe at The Maryland Zoo’s Giraffe Feeding Station! Bring your family and friends to experience The Maryland Zoo giraffe like never before.

Hours of Operation –  

April – October: Daily, 11am-2pm

November – March: Friday to Sunday, 11am-2pm

The feeding station is open during the regular season, weather permitting. Please be aware that our giraffe yard must be very dry to allow the giraffe down to the feeding station so even if it is not raining on the day of your visit, if there was rain a day or two before, it may affect the station being open.

What to expect at the Feeding Station

The Feeding Station features a gated feeding area where visitors can purchase a branch of acacia browse $3 ($2 for Zoo Members) to feed the giraffe. There is also a separate, non-gated deck for viewing and photography. A large hand-washing station is behind the feeding area – always wash after feeding a giraffe!

History of the Giraffe House and the Feeding Station

giraffefeedingThe Giraffe House was opened in 1965 – built for approximately $200,000 by the City of Baltimore. The Zoo’s first two giraffe were made possible by a gift from The Gildea Foundation. The Giraffe Feeding Station began construction on July 31, 2007 and was substantially completed on Dec 12, 2007. It was designed by CLRdesign, Inc., a Philadelphia-based architecture, planning, landscape architecture, and exhibit design firm, and built by the Baltimore offices of HITT Contracting, Inc. Construction cost was approximately $750,000 and was funded by the State of Maryland.

On May 9, 2008 it was dedicated in honor of A.B. Krongard’s grandchildren – Alex, Ben, Caroline, Luke, Lilly, Maggie and Brandon. Mr. Krongard has a long association with the Maryland Zoological Society’s Board of Trustees and has supported the Zoo not only financially, but with his personal time and leadership skills as well.

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