BALTIMORE, MD – The Maryland Zoo recently added tons – approximately 4 tons – of fun to video conferencing with a new Zoom Virtual Elephant Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

Offered on Thursdays and Saturdays, the Zoom tour allows participants to meet an African elephant and get a live, interactive behind-the-scenes tour with members of the Zoo’s elephant care team. Virtual tour-goers can learn about the care the elephants receive, how we do our animal training, and about unusual elephant facts. Participants can also ask questions about the elephants and learn about Zoo conservation efforts from the comfort of home.

“This new Virtual Elephant Behind-The-Scenes tour is a unique opportunity for guests to support the Zoo’s animal welfare efforts while connecting on a truly personal level with our elephants and the animal care professionals that care for them,” said Mike McClure, general curator and elephant manager at the Zoo.

The Zoo is home to four African elephants (Loxodonta africana) which live in the recently renovated African Journey elephant habitat. The elephant herd includes male elephants 12-year-old Samson, 36-year-old Tuffy, and females 37-year-old Felix, and 45-year-old Anna.

The tour costs $49 per device, with all proceeds going directly to support animal care. “Despite the Zoo’s temporary closure to the public due to COVID-19, the Zoo’s animal care and veterinary staff have been on site daily care for all of the animals,” continued McClure. “Every dollar we can raise during this closure helps support our continuing efforts on their behalf.”

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