2018 Highlights

What a wonderful year 2018 was—thanks to our guests and members for making it one to remember! With so many exciting things happening—construction, new additions, and more—there were just too many great moments to count. That being said, we’ve listed one exciting highlight for each month of this past year. Now it’s time to take a look back…


1000th Penguin Chick

To kick-off the year, we welcomed several African penguin chicks including our record 1000th chick, Millie! Nine additional chicks have hatched since Millie.

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Willow’s First Birthday

In February, we celebrated Willow the giraffe’s first birthday. She is growing up (and up and up)!


Samson’s 10th Birthday

Samson’s tenth birthday was in March! He was the first elephant born at The Maryland Zoo in 2008, and he’s all grown up now!


Iron Lions Restoration

In April, our Iron Lion statues returned from their renovation makeover. The statues have been at the Zoo for more than 60 years.


Blue Duiker Addition

In May, we were happy to announce the addition of a new blue duiker to our African Aviary habitat! The new female, Flower, joined our male, Lucky.

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Sitatunga Calf

We welcomed a new sitatunga, Ally, to our growing herd in June. The female calf was born on June 4th to first-time parents, Jess and Jabari.

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Kunekune Pigs

In July, we welcomed Kunekune piglets, Wilbur and Orville, to our Farmyard section of the Zoo.

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BGE Browse Partnership

We began a partnership with BGE on a special browse program to bring fresh tree cuttings to supplement the diets for giraffe, elephant, rhino and other animals!

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Lego Turtle

In September, our veterinary team created a wheelchair of LEGOs to help an injured Eastern box turtle heal.

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Zoo Events

In October, we held ZooBOOO!—just one of the many events we welcome our guests and members to throughout the year. We also welcomed you at Stroller Safaris and Creature Encounters, Bunny BonanZOO, and ZooBop. Not to mention Yoga and Crossfit, as well as Brew at the Zoo and OktoBEARfest!

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Polar Bears Neva and Amelia Gray

New polar bear cubs, Neva and Amelia Gray, made their public debut on Nov. 1! While it was bittersweet to say goodbye to polar bear Anoki who moved to Seneca Park Zoo, we’ve enjoyed having the new youngsters here at the Zoo.

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Addra Gazelle Calf

To finish the year, we welcomed Addra gazelle calf, Merle. The male calf was born on November 7, to parents Wren and Mukuru.

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Special 2018 Highlights

African Journey Construction

We began exciting renovations on our elephant, giraffe, and lion habitats! The new African Journey exhibits will open in 2019.

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New Website Launch

In July, we launched a brand new website! All the info you’re looking for about animals, events and more is at your fingertips.

Staff Field Work

Staff traveled to Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, South Africa and Bolivia to work with our partners in conservation on behalf of bears, pelicans, penguins and pink river dolphins!

We are so very appreciative that you have made the Zoo such a special part of your lives—Here’s to a wonderfully wild 2019!

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