Episode #33

It’s a story that starts with two orphaned grizzly bear cubs in the wilds of Montana. What happens next is an effort to save these sisters that spans the country and ends with a new home at the Maryland Zoo. How exactly did the grizzly cubs end up in need of help and what lead the Zoo’s animal care team to volunteer a home for these orphaned youngsters. On this episode of Off Exhibit we talk to Maryland Zoo Senior Veterinarian Ellen Bronson and General Curator Mike McClure. Hear the full story that helped ensure the bears’ survival and go behind-the-scenes to learn more about these very special cubs. Plus, discover how zoos like the Maryland Zoo are working to protect wild populations and save individual animals as part of a deeper commitment to conservation.

Special thanks to the individual donor who helped fund the safe transport of the grizzly cubs from Montana. The Zoo would also like to acknowledge Garrison Forest School, home of the Grizzlies, for their sponsorship of the Grizzly Bear Exhibit in Polar Bear Watch. Learn more about Garrison Forest School at ww.gfs.org.

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