Episode #3

Let us tell you a tail of three little lions. Mammal Collection and Conservation Manager Carey Ricciardone shares the story behind a two year effort to raise and care for cubs. Born in October 2013, the Zoo’s sibling cubs (Luke & Leia) were orphaned after the loss of their mother due to complications during birth. The Maryland Zoo’s lion team hand raised the cubs and later welcomed a third adopted cub (Zuri) in late 2013 from Zoo Miami. Learn what happened behind-the-scenes during this unprecedented time and how keepers worked to provide an enriching experience, to encourage these wild youngsters to develop socially and to hone their innate behaviors.

Plus, get more in depth detail about the departure of Leia as she makes an important move to help establish a growing pride of lions at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, this week.

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