Membership FAQ

Thank you for choosing to support The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! In order to make your membership of the most value to you, please read the following frequently asked questions.


Can my child care provider use my membership to bring my kids to the Zoo?

Your child care provider is more than welcome to bring your children to the Zoo throughout the year. If the child care provider is coming to the Zoo with the children, please provide a signed and dated note from the primary member and the household membership card to be presented at the time of entry to the Zoo. The care provider may not use the membership card without the children present, and only one care provider may visit with the membership per visit.  A care provider may only be allowed in for free with a family, family-plus of Guardian level membership.

If I lost my card can I still come in the Zoo?

Of course! You may show an ID (State ID or License) one time at any of the main gate ticket booths and gain admission for the day.  Please stop by Member Services for a replacement card or call 443-552-5281 for a card to be sent to you. There is a $5.00 fee for a replacement card.

Does the membership run a calendar year (January thru December) or from the date of purchase?

The membership is valid for one year from the  date of purchase.  NOTE: The membership is valid from the date of purchase, not the date of first visit to the Zoo.

I have a membership that allows for guests. Can a guest use my membership without me?

One of the named members on the membership card must be present to use the membership card. We also reserve the right to check the ID of members at any time to ensure that only one household is using a membership

If I don’t list a second adult, does that count as a guest?

Yes, if you don’t list 2 adults on the membership card, the second adult may be listed as “guest” and accompany the named adult during each Zoo visit.

I have a special needs person in my household that is over the age of 21.  May I bring them to the Zoo with my membership?

If you have resident special needs dependents over the age of 21, you may list them under the number of children in the household for a level of membership that includes children/dependents.

I have two adults named on my membership. Do I get two cards with my membership?

In an effort to be green and save our resources, we only issue one membership card per household. Additional cards are available at member services for $5 .00. a piece.

Can I give my Grandparent level membership to my adult children so they can bring their children to the Zoo?

Zoo memberships are only valid for one household. Grandparents may not give their membership cards along with a note to others for zoo entrance

I have an old membership card.  Can I use it to get into the Zoo?

If you renewed your membership but have an expired card, you must go through the ticket line with your ID so an agent can see that your membership is valid. If you lost your current card, a replacement can be given to you for $5.00.

My child wants to come to the Zoo without me. Can I give them my card?

Children ages 16-21 may use a Family or Family Plus membership card to enter the zoo without an adult. The child must present a photo ID showing a matching last name, or must go through the ticket gate with an ID to show that their address matches the one on file for the membership.

What other institutions can I visit with my membership?

Click for a current list of all reciprocating institutions. You can also call a member services agent at 443.552.5281 to find out if a zoo that you would like to visit reciprocates. While we try to keep our information up to date, reciprocating institutions can change at any time. To avoid any inconvenience, please call reciprocating institutions before visiting to ensure reciprocity.

Is any portion of my Zoo membership tax deductible?

Yes.  Up to $75 dollars of your Zoo membership is tax-deductible.

Please note: Memberships are non-transferrable and may not be shared between households.