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Student Questions at Base Camp

Answers from School Program Instructor Jane Marlow to questions by students from the Base Camp Discovery Mail Box. What does a camel eat? Camels are herbivores, meaning they are adapted to eat plants.  They are not picky eaters, eating many … Continued

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Student questions from Base Camp Discovery

From the Base Camp Discovery Mail Box: Natalie asks: What do plants eat? Most plants make their own food! Using the energy from sunlight captured by special cells in their leaves and sometimes their stems, plants can combine carbon dioxide … Continued

Student Art From Base Camp Discovery

Here is a small sampling of the artwork done by visiting students at the Base Camp Discovery Education Center. The art work is placed in the specially designed Base Camp Discovery Mailbox and then displayed on the Base Camp Discovery … Continued

Flamingo Resources

Maryland Zoo School Programs Manager Peter martin answers a question about good resources to learn about flamingos.

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