Every day at the Zoo is wild, but as 2015 comes to a close we thought, “hey, let’s look back at those moments that put an extra waddle in our step this year.” So here goes…


1. Penguins. Closer than ever.


Ok, we know the new Penguin Coast exhibit opened in 2014, but what can we say we are still obsessed.


2. Baby goats


Pigmy Goats 2 kids

Two African Pygmy goats were born. They were adorable. We couldn’t take our eyes off them.


3. A goaty back ride


Just when we were sure baby goats could not get cuter, this happened.


4. Praire dog pups at play



Prairie dog pups emerged from underground nurseries in the Spring and adorable play ensued.


5. Baby chimpanzee Keeva



We’re not crying we just have something in our eye.


6. This baby camel


baby camel

Humpdays got a whole lot cuter with the surprise of a baby camel! This little one visited the Zoo for the summer while his mom was here for seasonal camel rides.


7. New Meller’s chameleons



A cool color-changing addition to the African Journey.


8. Three little warthogs



Precious warthog piglets had us squealing with excitement.


9. Sitatunga baby #1



Baby sitatunga Riri mesmerized us with his fuzzy ears.


10. Sitatunga baby #2



A second baby boy sitatunga nearly sent us into cuteness overload.


11. Sweet sisters



Two new cheetah sisters were a purr-fect addition.


12. ZooBooo!



Pumpkin pouncing, pumpkin smashing fun.


13. Turtles hatchlings


Turtle Hatch2 turtle hatch 1



14. Garrett the sandhill crane



A beautiful new bird with an interesting history.


15. Precious penguins



The absolute best way to end a great year? Penguin chicks.


Happy Zoo Year!