The new Penguin Coast exhibit will open September 27th, so it is the final countdown for the construction team. In the newest time lapse video, we have changed perspective, so you can see the final touches go on the main outdoor viewing area. Keep scrolling through the photos below and take a virtual tour around the exhibit, including inside the Penguin Education Building, where you can see the giant underwater viewing windows. Also, get a glimpse of the new space where our flock of flamingos will be landing on Sept 27th.


Photo Jul 17, 4 07 58 PM
View of the Penguin education building (left) and Penguin holding building (right) surrounded by pools.


Photo Jul 17, 4 09 52 PM
Side view of the Penguin holding building where the colony will live and the Penguin Embassy where special embassy birds will live.


The “dock” in front of the Penguin Holding Building is where penguin feedings will happen twice daily.


On the left see the dump tank that will release a wave of water over a glass viewing area, for the delight of penguins and people alike.


The penguin embassy will hold penguins who appear on and off grounds at educational talks and special events.


The pool wraps 360 degrees around the Penguin Holding Building.


Underwater viewing!


Photo Jul 17, 3 45 43 PM
The viewing windows look out on the swimming channel, the deepest part of the pool.


Inside the Penguin Education Building.


A classroom space inside the Penguin Education Building.


Photo Jul 17, 3 59 51 PM
The new pool for Flamingos is underway!


The flamingo barn is complete.