Penguin Coast is almost ready for its two-toned tenants to move in! With the September 27th grand opening a little more than a month away, the construction crew has been very busy putting the finishing touches on the exhibit. Meanwhile, our penguin reporter, Perry, has been hard at work getting you the inside scoop on what to expect when you finally get to see penguins closer than ever. Check out what he has documented in the photos below.

Penguins love water, and now the exhibit is full of it!

Cobble Beach

Penguins can enjoy the waves created by the dump tank from a rocky beach or…

Dump Tank 1

Splash in the tide pool as the water pours down.

Dump Tank 2

People can enjoy the dump tank too…

Dump Tank 3

By standing under the glass viewing tank inside as the wave crashes down.Dump Tank 4

Penguin Coast’s many different viewing areas give you a 360 degree view of penguins.  MPH

Swimming penguins will come in for a landing on this dock for feeding time.

Penguin Dock

The GIANT underwater viewing windows are all covered with water now.Swim Channel North

See, only 1/2 the height of the window is above water!

Swim Channel South

It’s almost time to step right up and see penguins closer than ever.

Tidal Pool