Spotting the Zoo’s newest resident is not as easy as just stopping by the exhibit on the African Journey boardwalk. Chameleons are masters of camouflage and expertly blend into their surroundings by changing the color of their skin!

The Zoo has three new Oustalet’s chameleons, but don’t strain your eyes looking for all three because they will each appear on exhibit alone, the way that chameleons live in the wild. Once you spy a chameleon on exhibit look closely and you might see their long, sticky tongue quickly flick out and catch an insect. These reptiles may be hard to find but they are sure to amaze once you spot one.

Chameleon 1
Chameleons spend a lot of time keeping very still to stay hidden from predators.


Chameleons 1
Their skin can display a large range of colors. Expect ours to look green or brown to match the natural tones of the tree in their exhibit.
Chameleons 1
When chameleons do move they may look like they are dancing, but they are really imitating the motion of leaves as another tactic to stay hidden.
Chameleons 1
Stop by the exhibit near the beginning of the African Boardwalk to catch a glimpse of the Zoo’s new residents!