The Whiting Turner Construction team has been hard at work and has continued construction of the Zoo’s new African Penguin Exhibit. All of the buildings have a foundation and walls are continuing to be raised. The gray building, which will be the Penguin Interpretive Center, is where you will be able to watch the penguins swim underwater, through the big soon-to-be windows. You can tell not only what the buildings are going to look like, but you can see the exhibit start to take shape. Soon enough, there will be penguins swimming around the entire exhibit. We are excited to see what the exhibit will look like when completed, and we are sure the penguins are excited too!


 DSC_7035 copy
The side-view of the Penguin Interpretive Center shows the big windows where we will see the penguins swimming.

View of the exhibit from Polar Bear Watch.

The new exhibit will allow the Zoo to increase from 50 to 100 birds!

Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with our penguins at the Penguin Interpretive Center.

This penguin holding area will be the new home for the penguins!

Public entrance to the Penguin Interpretive Center.