Meet Rise and Conquer

The Maryland Zoo is proud to be the home of Rise and Conquer, African ravens, and official team mascots of the champion Baltimore Ravens.

Rise & Conquer Stats

  • Ravens can survive almost anywhere because they are such adaptable opportunists.
  • They take advantage of any meal that presents itself and they adjust to different living conditions and threats.
  • They are both predators and scavengers that will also work cooperatively to secure a meal.
  • Ravens are some of the most highly social, intelligent and curious of birds.
  • Ravens form devoted pairs and mate for life.

Ravens vs. Crows. How can you tell the difference?

Ravens are generally much larger than crows and have wedge-shaped tails. Like crows, ravens are jet-black with iridescent purple and blue-green patches on their wings and throats.



Be sure to see Rise & Conquer up close on RavensWalk a few hours prior to every home game for free photo ops and one-on-one keeper interaction.


Show your support and Opt to Adopt

Support the Zoo and show your team spirit by adopting Rise & Conquer. With each $35 adoption fee you receive:

  • An official Adoption Certificate
  • Photograph of Rise & Conquer
  • One-of-a-kind Raven plush