Rise and Conquer are brothers who came to the Zoo as part of a special partnership with the Baltimore Raven’s football organization. The two birds were hand reared from an early age by a select group of handlers and live full time at the Zoo. As part of the Animal Embassy, a specialized group of animals that travel on programs to schools, senior centers, on Zoo grounds and more in a mission to education the public, the ravens are an invaluable asset to the Zoo. The Zoo has a large collection of animals in the embassy and Rise and Conquer have many feathered neighbors including a harris’ hawk, peregrine falcon, screech owls and more.

For the best opportunity to see Rise and Conquer, swing by Ravens Walk on your way to a home Ravens game.

Animal Collection Specialist and one of Rise and Conquer’s primary handlers, Amy Eveleth, answers questions about the birds to share with members.

Q) How can you tell Rise & Conquer apart?

A) Conquer is the alpha (dominant) bird, he has lighter feathers on his chest than Rise. That is the easiest way to tell them apart. If you see them at a Raven’s home game, I almost always (about 99% of the time) have Conquer.

Q) How old are Rise & Conquer?

A) Rise and Conquer are 10 years old. They are brothers.

Q) Do they have any treats or enrichments that they like and/or prefer?

A)When they are at the stadium and at appearances for the team we give them low protein cat food as a treat. It’s a part of their daily diet and it transports easily in our pockets, as opposed to their favorite, meatballs.

Q) Do they enjoy going to the games and going on field?

A) Ravens are incredibly intelligent. They are the only animals I have ever worked with who are up to the challenge of an NFL game-day. Rise and Conquer were trained by a small group of experienced animal handlers, their intense training program started the day they arrived at the zoo at 6 weeks of age. Because they were handled from such a young age and exposed to a wide variety of sounds and situations, they have worked out extremely well. It takes a very special animal to do what they do. The trust they have in us and we have in them is extraordinary. They are very comfortable in almost any type of situation, especially on the field at M&T Bank Stadium for home Baltimore Ravens games. They are fascinated by the whistles, pyrotechnics, fireworks and mostly the 70,000+ screaming fans we meet on game day. Conquer is frequently seen on the huge screens at the stadium and even turns his head to pose for the cameras! The field is truly their home away from home.

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