Watch as Harry & Lloyd, two miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, make their pick

BALTIMORE, MD The Maryland Zoo’s two miniature Mediterranean donkeys, Harry and Lloyd, are football animals! In an annual tradition, they had a chance to choose the team they feel will win this weekend’s Super Bowl. It’s hard to say if one team emerged as their clear favorite. But, with delicious veggies inside each football, the real winner of this contest was the donkeys themselves.

@marylandzoo Two miniature donkeys, two teams vying to win Sunday’s big game. Harry and Lloyd have made their #superbowl predictions! #marylandzoo #donkey #football ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin’ Buzzed

There’s a serious side behind the fun of this exercise. Each day, the animal care team at the Maryland Zoo creates enrichment activities for the animals to keep them mentally and physically engaged. Enrichment allows animals to demonstrate their species-typical behavior, gives them opportunity to exercise control or choice over their environment and enhances their well-being. This kind of activity is just as essential to animal welfare as proper nutrition and veterinary care. You can learn more about Harry and Lloyd on our miniature donkey animal profile.