Take a PAWS for big cats

Did you know that the Maryland Zoo is home to four different species of big cats? Well, technically three, but our bobcats take up a big space in the hearts of visitors and staff alike!

Caring for the lions, bobcats, cheetah and Amur leopard is a very costly endeavor. The cost to keep our six cats healthy and engaged is ~$200,000 each year, which includes staff time, veterinary care (medical and dental), food, and enrichment. All donations, regardless of the amount, have a huge impact and help us maintain the exceptional level of care for cheetah Davis, Amur leopard Sofiya, lions Hassan and Zuri, and bobcats Kilgore and Josie.

New this year! All donors sending gifts of $50 or more during this week-long fundraiser will receive a special gift. This custom 13-month calendar features beautiful images of just a few of the remarkable creatures who call the Maryland Zoo home. Thank you for your support!

Donate Now


A $25 donation could help give the cats an enrichment item.

Enrichment comes in many shapes, sizes, and smells, and helps to elicit natural behaviors from the animals.



A $50 donation could help give the cats food.

Every animal’s diet is prepped by our commissary team and delivered each morning.


A $75 donation could help give the cats veterinary care.

All of the animals at the Zoo are trained to participate in their own healthcare.



A $100 donation could help give the cats staffing.

Our dedicated keeper care teams monitor behavior and provide the animals with training and enrichment for mental and physical stimulation every single day.



Can I do more?

Making a gift is the most important contribution you can make, but there are other ways to help too…spread the word! Everyone loves animals, so tell your friends about the conservation work the Zoo is doing and encourage them to give today. One easy way to do this is by sharing the Zoo’s Facebook fundraiser.



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The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and relies in part on donations to operate. Please make a fast, secure, credit card donation to the Zoo. Your contribution is also fully tax-deductible.