We Need Your Help

A Northern ground hornbill chick hatched at the Zoo on July 18th! After growing quickly over the last few weeks, we’re eagerly waiting for the chick to fledge the nest.

We need your help to name the hornbill chick! Voting will begin September 5th and end September 13th. The chick’s name will be announced on September 14th.

Here are some facts about the chick to know before choosing a name:

  • We do not yet know the chick’s gender. A blood sample has been sent out and we should have the results in a few weeks.
  • The chick is the first for female, Blue, and male, North, who have been together for over a decade
  • The hornbill pair are nesting in a recycled wine barrel


The following finalists were selected by the team that cares for the chick:

  • 40.6% – Everest: The hatching of this chick has been our team’s personal “Mt. Everest”

  • 38.1% – Zawadi: Means “gift” in Swahili
  • 21.3% – Tannin: A substance that provides unique characteristics to wine

Adopt the Ground Hornbill Chick

Limited Edition Adoption Package – $65

  • A frameable photograph of the ground hornbill chick
  • Two (2) one-time-use Zoo tickets valid for one year
  • Personalized official animal adoption certificate
  • An animal fun fact sheet
  • Free shipping & handling

Adopt the Chick

The ground hornbill chick is being cared for behind the scenes and is not currently viewable by guests.