swans running to water

Our trumpeter swan pair, Buttercup and Scuttle, are nesting beside the Farmyard pond. Fingers and wings crossed for tiny cygnets coming soon! These fluffy additions are as important as they are adorable. When they are full grown, they will be released into the wild as part of an endangered species conservation project.

Learn about Trumpeter Swans


April 26: We think you will find this news very *egg-citing*. The trumpeter swans are nesting at the Farmyard pond and the first eggs were spotted in the nest! Fertilized eggs hatch after about 34 days of incubation.


May 11: The trumpeter swans are nesting and have laid eggs! We use a technique called ‘candling’ to see if they’re developing. The light shines through and you can see the cygnet. Two fertile eggs are in the nest and we can’t wait until they hatch!