Explore a prehistoric forest filled with gigantic, animatronic creatures this May – November

Baltimore, Maryland – Starting this May through November, 2022, visitors to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will be able to travel through ancient woods filled with roaring, rustling dinosaurs. Called DINOSAURS: Explore the Prehistoric Forest, the exhibit features dinosaurs created by Dino Don Inc., one of the world’s leading makers of full-sized, robotic dinosaurs.

The enormous creatures, which move and roar, will be situated along a path deep in the Zoo’s old-growth forest. Their scale is breathtaking, with some as tall as 35 feet high and 40 feet long.

The herd includes T.Rex, Velociraptors and Triceratops. Animatronics will show how these fascinating creatures moved, hunted, and reared their young.

“DINOSAURS at the Maryland Zoo is a blockbuster experience you won’t want to miss,” said Maryland Zoo President & CEO, Kirby Fowler. “To see these dinosaurs at full scale in our forest will give you a sense of what it was like when they walked the planet. And our educational resources will link these prehistoric creatures to their living descendants that we have here as part of our animal collection.”

DINOSAURS: Explore the Prehistoric Forest will be contained within the Maryland Wilderness area of the Zoo.