BALTIMORE, MD – Visitors at The Maryland Zoo will soon be able to see blue duikers Flower and her two- month-old calf, LJ (Lucky Junior) in person as they move outdoors to share the habitat of the dik-dik. The two species will be alternating days in the outdoor space in the habitat along the African Journey boardwalk next to the warthogs.

“Flower and LJ have been living behind-the-scenes in the Africa Barn as he has been too little to be in an outdoor habitat,” said Erin Grimm, mammal collection and conservation manager. “LJ has grown considerably since he was born, now weighing 2.9 pounds. Flower is a very protective mother, watching him closely as they adjust to the new habitat. They are doing well, exploring more and more each day, and we are excited for our visitors to see and learn more about this tiny antelope species.”

Blue duiker (Philantomba monticola) is a species of antelope found in the forests of western, southern and eastern Africa. The duiker gets its name from the Afrikaans word ‘duiker’ which means to dive, which relates to the animal’s habit of ducking away into bushes when danger threatens. As adults, they can weigh seven to 20 pounds. While they are currently not classified as threatened or endangered, their population is affected by over-hunting and loss of habitat.

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