Baby Chimpanzee Lola

Lola, a female chimpanzee, was born to Bunny on July 5, 2019. The tiny month-old can be seen being carried and cradled by her mom inside the Zoo’s Chimpanzee Forest habitat.


Lola’s Milestones 🐵: Chimp babies display numerous developmental milestones just like human babies! See what 7-week-old Lola has already completed.
❤️ Expected 2-6 weeks: Displays decent grip ✔️
❤️ Expected 4-8 weeks: Sucks thumb ✔️
❤️ Expected 4-8 weeks: Stares at an object and reaches for it ✔️



Lola’s Milestones 🐵: 2-month-old Lola is breezing through her developmental milestones! Here are two more she recently displayed.️
❤️ Sits upright on her own ✔️
❤️ Stands upright holding onto mom ✔️

baby lola 3 months




Lola’s Milestones 🐵: 3-month-old Lola is growing before our eyes! Here are three more developmental milestones she recently displayed.
❤️ Start to crawl for short distances ✔️
❤️ Reach towards & grab objects ✔️
❤️ Reach out & grab another chimp ✔️

baby lola 4 months



Lola’s Milestones 🐵: Can you believe baby chimpanzee Lola is 4 months old already? She’s achieved some key developmental milestones recently!

❤️ First steps on all fours ✔️
❤️ Begin to ride on mom’s back ✔️
❤️ Push & pull with force ✔️



Lola’s Milestones 🐵: 5-month-old chimp Lola is on the move! She recently displayed three significant developmental milestones.

❤️ Begins climbing by herself ✔️
❤️ Two bottom teeth break through gums ✔️
❤️ Eats 1st solid food ✔️



Lola’s Milestones 🐵: 6-month-old chimpanzee Lola is becoming much more independent and interactive.

❤️ Meet an adult male chimp ✔️
❤️ Meet another baby chimp ✔️
❤️ Make many new faces ✔️
❤️ Put many new things in mouth ✔️