Although some snow is still on the ground and winter seems to be lingering around for a little longer, construction is still moving forward with the African Journey renovations! Check out the update below for exciting new features that have been installed this past month.

Lion Habitat

The concrete has been poured and set for the Lion Promenade walkway, which will allow guests to easily access the habitat and get a closer look at the lions!

The final parts of the boundary mesh have been installed.

The overlook between the lion and giraffe habitats is being paved.

Giraffe Habitat

The shade structures have been installed! These natural tree beams will be part of the giraffe yard to provide some extra cool during the hotter months. Once the ground is leveled out, the other thinner beams will be removed and a roof will be placed!

More pavement is being laid out so visitors can easily see the giraffes and lions alike.

Video Update

Watch the latest time-lapse video of the lion habitat undergoing its newest renovations!

For more info on the African Journey renovation project, including renderings of what new habitats will look like, click here.