We’re making significant changes to our elephant, giraffe, and lion habitats! Watch the videos below for a sneak peek into the construction project, and get an insider’s perspective through the eyes of our keepers.

Learn More About the Project


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, well Zoo that is. Get the scoop on how the mammoth renovation to our elephant habitat is coming along straight from the elephant keeper’s mouth. #AllForAnimals

Giraffic JAM!

Expanding the giraffe outdoor yard may be a tall order, but our crew has been up to the task! The giraffe keepers are here to detail what’s happening with the giraffic jam of construction trucks outside Giraffe House! #AllForAnimals

Roarsome Renovations

Believe us when we say this new habitat is going to be great…because we’re not lion! Our big cat keepers are here to discuss the roarsome renovations happening in the lion exhibit. #AllForAnimals