On behalf of The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, I would like to thank Jill, Dylan, Karson and the Committee for Kamenetz for the $100,000 donation to the Zoo. We are deeply honored by your generosity and thoughtfulness in this time of grief.

While the Zoo may physically be located in the City of Baltimore, it’s truly a community asset for all Marylanders. Many of our members and guests reside in Baltimore County and I know Kevin was personally committed to organizations in both the city and the county. In addition, Jill has been a valuable member of the Zoo’s Board of Trustees for twelve years now, and we have always felt lucky to have her on our team.

The donation to the Zoo will help fund our current renovation project in the African Journey section of the Zoo. Specifically, it will fund the lion training demonstration area where keepers will interact with the lions in positive reinforcement training sessions, effectively asking the lions to participate in their own health care.

We are very excited by the changes coming to the Zoo and humbled by the generous donation in Kevin’s memory.

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