National Zoo Keeper Week

It’s National Zoo Keeper Appreciation Week and we’re celebrating the amazing work our zookeepers do for wildlife every day. They are the dedicated keepers, teachers, and caretakers of the animals here at the zoo. They are also some of the most Passionate hardworking people you’ll meet. The Maryland Zoo is fortunate to have expert teams of animal professionals focused on the care of more than 200 species big and small. We’re so grateful for their knowledge, expertise, and commitment which continues to advance animal husbandry and wildlife conservation here and around the globe.

This year, National Zoo Keeper Week is July 16-22. Each day we’ll share new keeper profiles and introduce you to the people making a difference for animals at the Maryland Zoo.

Meet Caroline C.

What area of the zoo do you work in and with what animals do you work?

Penguin Coast — Penguins, Cormorants, and Pelicans

How long have you been working at the zoo?

7 years

Why did you choose to work at the zoo?

I chose to work at the zoo because I wanted to work with animals and I have been going to the zoo since I was a kid!

What is a typical work day like at the zoo?

A typical work day involves lots and lots of cleaning, feeding the penguins, and paperwork.

Is it hard to work at the zoo and why?

Yes, it can be hard to work at the Zoo sometimes. The schedule, difficult weather conditions, and lots of dirty work are some obstacles to an otherwise rewarding career.

What steps did you take in order to become a keeper at the zoo?

I studied Animal Behavior in college and did an internship at the National Aquarium.

What type of person or what skills make for a good keeper?

A love of animals, good teamwork, and time management skills all make for a good keeper.

What hobbies/interests do you have outside of your zoo life?

I like going to concerts and eating ice cream.

What do you think is an important reason to support the zoo?

Supporting the zoo means supporting wildlife conservation as well as providing a place where people can connect with amazing animals that they would not otherwise be able to see.