The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is saddened to announce the death of Ayanna, a member of the Zoo’s Plains zebra herd. Ayanna, age 21, was humanely euthanized at the Zoo yesterday after her health declined over the past few weeks.

“Ayanna was born at the Zoo in 1996, and was a strong part of the Zoo’s zebra herd for many years,” said Erin Cantwell, mammal collection and conservation manager. “She was a confident zebra, able to adapt to many changes in the herd over her lifetime, and she always made an impression on the many keepers who worked with her. Ayanna will be greatly missed by everyone here.”

“The median life expectancy for Plains zebra is fifteen years, and the great care Ayanna received over the years contributed to her long life with us,” stated Dr. Ellen Bronson, the Zoo’s head veterinarian. “Ultimately, age-related ailments were catching up with her, and her quality of life began to decrease,” continued Bronson. “As she declined over the past few weeks, we knew the time had come to humanely euthanize her. She was an exceptional zebra, and the staff worked very diligently with her every day to ensure she lived a full and healthy life here at the Zoo.”

The Zoo currently has two five-year-old Plains zebra at the African Watering Hole, Stella and Phoenix.

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