Today is all about celebrating polar bears, like our 20-year-old furry friend, Anoki! The Maryland Zoo partners with Polar Bears International to shine a spotlight on the challenges polar bears face in a warming Antarctica — and how we each can help. By exhibiting polar bears and other Arctic animals, and participating in awareness and education projects, like International Polar Bear day, the Zoo is working to raise public awareness and concern for this magnificent and vulnerable species.

The Thermostat Challenge

Drum roll please … on February 27, change your thermostat! Switching the settings of your preferred temperature, so your heating and cooling system turns on less often, reduces your energy use. This small change can help reduce carbon emissions that are negatively affecting polar bear habitats.

Learn more about the threats and challenges wild polar bears face.

Other Easy Ways to Contribute to Polar Bear Conservation

  • Visit the Zoo – Learn about polar bears from the source — a real live bear! Plus, the Zoo partners with Polar Bears International to contribute to conservation projects in the wild. Your admission cost supports that mission.
  • Don’t Idil – Although convenient, leaving the car on while not driving produces unnecessary defilement
  • Bike More Drive Less – Turn off the engine and lace up your biking shoes because vehicles give off harmful toxins
  • Power Down – Unplugging electronics, when not in use, can reduce the greenhouse gas pollution