BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Pokémon Mornings are returning for another wild weekend.

There are new species at the Zoo. We didn’t expect them and we don’t know much about them yet, but now that they are here we’ve noticed many Zoo guests searching for them in exhibits around the Zoo. You guessed it, there are Pokémon everywhere — it’s just another fun reason to visit the Zoo!

Real, live, wild animals are still our focus, but if these digital visitors are here to stay we’re saying “game on” and hosting three more Pokémon Mornings.

Pokémon Mornings:

  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 21st – July 23rd.
  • Lures will be activated in the Pokémon Go app at several different locations in the Zoo between 10am and 11am each day.
  • Paid admission or a Zoo membership is required to enter the Zoo.
  • Share the fun, tag your Pokémon screenshots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #marylandzoo or @marylandzoo.
  • Don’t forget to check out the amazing real life species on exhibit while you are here, they have some pretty amazing adaptations and you can screenshot them too.
  • Please play safe (see guidelines below.)

We care about your safety and the safety of all our wildlife. If you’re searching for characters on your next Zoo visit, please be safe and pay attention to your surroundings. Follow the guidelines listed below to ensure your Zoo visit is a fun AND safe one.

Play Safe!

If you’re searching for characters please remember:

  • Pokémon characters may be close to some wild animals, but trust us, you don’t want to be. Respect all barriers, stay on marked pathways, and steer clear of exhibit spaces and restricted areas.
  • Be aware of other guests searching for fun at the Zoo. Impress them with how friendly and considerate Pokémon Trainers can be.
  • Remember to look up. You don’t want to be put on the injured Pokémon Trainers’ list.
  • Don’t let the virtual animals have all the fun. Our wild animals might just get jealous. Make sure to look up from your phone to see the real figures eager to wow you (some of them are very rare and endangered).
  • Introduce yourself to one of expert trainers. They’d love to share knowledge with you. And be sure to follow any instructions they give you on your journey.
  • Have fun and be safe!

If you need assistance or have questions, please speak with a member of the Zoo team.

Enjoy your visit.