The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is saddened to announce the death of Trixie, a member of the Zoo’s Plains zebra herd. Trixie, age 16, was humanely euthanized at the Zoo yesterday after her health declined over the past few weeks.

Trixie came to the Zoo in 2008 at age eight as a retired circus zebra. She had performed with the circus for many years, but had some congenital hoof issues that were becoming problematic, necessitating her retirement. “When she first arrived, Trixie was more interested in her human caregivers than the other zebra,” stated Dr. Ellen Bronson, the Zoo’s head veterinarian. “Staff did an exceptional job of integrating her into the herd, as well as trimming and reshaping her hooves over the years so that she could ‘be a zebra’ at the African Watering Hole.”

“Ultimately, her congenital issues were catching up with her, and her quality of life began to suffer from the long-term effects of standing with too acute of an angle on her front feet for 16 years,” continued Bronson. “Sadly, as she declined over the past few weeks, we knew the time had come to humanely euthanize her. She was an exceptional zebra, and the staff worked very diligently with her over the years to ensure she lived a full and healthy life here at the Zoo.”

The Zoo currently has three Plains zebra at the African Watering Hole.