The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is happy to announce the birth of a male African pygmy goat kid. The kid was born on Monday, May 16, to the Zoo’s African pygmy goat pair Lex and Lois. “Zod is another welcome addition to the Farmyard this spring,” stated Carey Ricciardone, mammal collection and conservation manager at The Maryland Zoo. “This new little kid has been behind the scenes with Lois since his birth, giving them time to bond. As we have come to expect, Lois is taking very good care of her new kid.”

In keeping with Superman-themed names for the pygmy goats, Zod is named for General Dru-Zod, a warlord from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. He currently weighs seven pounds and is growing steadily. “He is still quite young, but is exploring his new barn, playing with Lois and napping,” continued Ricciardone. “As always, our staff will continue to monitor Lois and Zod closely to ensure that they are doing well together.”

Zoo visitors can see Lois and Zod in the Zoo’s Farmyard area next to the sheep. “This little one is quite small and he will seek shady, cool places to hang out sometimes,” concluded Ricciardone. “We encourage visitors to stop by to visit Zod and watch him grow up all summer long.”

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