We have been following penguin chicks Tetra and Oscar from the day they hatched to the day they were introduced into the colony! Here we take a look back at the first chicks to hatch during the 2015-2016 breeding season at Penguin Coast!

2 Weeks Old

The 2 week old chicks, weighing in at 354 grams (.78 lbs) and 177 grams (.39 lbs), nested comfortably with their parents, Mega and Rossi, inside the main conservation center building.

4 Weeks Old

At just 4 weeks old, our two African penguin siblings were growing fast!

6 Weeks Old

It’s a boy and girl! At 6 weeks, the sexes of our first two chicks of the season had been confirmed!

8 Weeks Old

At 8 weeks old, the siblings started growing in their water resistant plumage, allowing them to have daily swimming lessons!

10 Weeks Old

At 10 weeks old, the two chicks were given names! Oscar (top) and Tetra (bottom) were growing fast and lost the majority of their fluffy down feathers, replacing them with grey and white juvenile plumage.

12 Weeks Old

At 12 weeks old, Oscar and Tetra were full-grown and preparing to join the rest of the colony!

14 Weeks Old

At 14 weeks old, the chicks were strong swimmers and began introductions with a few adult penguins from the main colony.

16 Weeks Old

At 16 weeks old, Oscar and Tetra are now on exhibit in Penguin Coast! Come see them splash and swim at the Maryland Zoo today!