Prairie Dog pups have been sighted at the Maryland Zoo!

A handful of prairie dog pups have emerged from their underground burrows (also referred to as “towns”) and are now visible on exhibit. We are hopeful that more will continue to surface throughout the rest of May. You can see them in Schaefer Plaza, right by the main Zoo entrance.

Black-tailed prairie dogs mate once a year in late January and give birth to about three or four pups around March or April. They give birth in underground nurseries where the young remain for about the first 6 weeks of life. Mothers return to nurse their young several times each day for the first two weeks, then only at night for the next several weeks.The babies’ eyes open around 5 weeks of age and they begin to explore their burrows. About a week later, they venture above ground and spend the days playing, feeding, and exploring together. The pups are then nursed communally by other group members. Be sure to stop by the exhibit and see these adorable pups!