Starting Sunday, November 2nd it’s Polar Bear Week. The event coincides with the bears’ annual migration to Churchill, Manitoba, where the Hudson Bay freezes and allows them to begin hunting seals. But, for the rest of us, it is a week to celebrate the strong and mighty arctic animal, and participate in their conservation. Thanks to our friends at Polar Bears International, there is something different to do each day out of that week to celebrate:

Sunday, November 2

The Polar Bear Cam will go live. Tune in to watch the polar bear migration.

Monday, November 3

Sign a petition to help contribute to the fight against climate change, one of the largest threats to polar bears.

Tuesday, November 4

Here’s a challenge: try tweaking your transportation habits for the day with these suggestions. Don’t worry, not all of them involve riding a bicycle or walking everywhere you go.

Wednesday, November 5

The transportation tweak wasn’t enough of a challenge, huh? Take the next step and try to follow these steps to reduce your energy consumption.

Thursday, November 6

Why stop there? See how you can help the polar bears by changing the ways you heat and cool your home.

Friday, November 7

Watch some of the Take the Next Step videos that were created by other polar bear enthusiasts.

Saturday, November 8

Now it’s your turn! Make your own Take the Next Step video and share it through social media using #SaveOurSeaIce.