After years of planning and construction, the Penguin Coast exhibit is ready for its September 27th debut. Since the first days that the birds were introduced to the new habitat, they have grown more acclimated to their surroundings. The strange sights and sounds — especially from the dump tank — took some time to get used to, but the birds now are now smimming and waddling through the entire exhibit. Fortunately for visitors, the penguins have especially taken to the eight-foot swim channel that can be seen through the underwater viewing in the education center. They swim through the channell in a tight pack, but occasionally one or two curious birds will come back for a second look at spectators on the other side of the glass. Along with the opening of the exhibit, the daily penguin feedings will resume on the 27th, which will be a much different experience from Rock Island.

While visitors are excited, zoo staff and keepers are grateful to see the exhibit finally complete.

“To have come here six years ago…and have been a part of the design process from start to finish and see the finished product and now moving birds in there is such a sense of pride and acomplishment,” said Jen Kottyan, the Avian Collection Manager for the Zoo.