9/12/14 Update

Our three lion cubs are almost one year old! Can you believe it? Now that they are fully adjusted to be being on exhibit, they sometimes choose to stay out or in beyond their scheduled exhibit times. If you are planning a visit to the Zoo and want to get a glimpse of our growing lions, the best way to ensure they will be out is to call the Zoo at 410-396-7102 after 10am.

The Zoo’s three lion cubs are growing up! Luke, Leia and Zuri have become confident enough young cats to regularly spend time on exhibit. Conditions permitting, the cub’s scheduled exhibit times are Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for most of the day, as well as Friday afternoon. The adult lions will be out all day Monday and Thursday, and Friday morning. Visitors can see the cubs boldly run and tackle one another, and shyly hide in the bamboo at the sight of the giraffe in the neighboring yard. Below are some of the most recent pictures of the cubs in action.