The month of February has been cold, but we were lucky to have some really nice, warm days and hopefully more warm days to come. The Zoo’s new African Penguin exhibit has been making great progress thanks to the Whiting-Turner team, and Perry the Penguin has seen it all!

The main public exhibit building, the Penguin Interpretive Center, continues to grow and rather quickly, too. Construction for the roof of the building has begun and it should be completed soon. The Bait Shack, where guests will be able to purchase pre-packaged food and drinks, also has the beginnings of a roof as well as an awning. The recent additions to these buildings allow us to get a visual of what the exhibit is going to look like when completed.

Despite all the snow (and cold weather) this season, the project remains on track to open in the fall of 2014. Take a look at some of the most recent pictures of Perry the Penguin who’s been spotted several places on the construction site!