Our three little lions Luke, Leia, and Zuri came outside to explore the exhibit together for the first time on Wednesday, February 19th thanks to the nice weather. Though Luke and Leia have been outside before, this is their first time on exhibit with Zuri (and in the snow). They are doing very well and are in great body condition which means they can come outside in about 40-50 degree weather while it is sunny and not too windy. They are much more active than the adults so they should be fun to watch as they play together.

Can you tell them apart? Luke is the lightest of the three and also has very light eyes, Zuri has the darkest colored fur and dark eyes, and Leia has dark patches at the corners of her mouth.

Due to the expected warm weather, Saturday, February 22, 2014, the cubs will be on exhibit at 10:30 AM. Because they are still very young it is uncertain how long they will stay outside because they are not used to a routine yet. While they do have a lot of energy, they also tire very quickly so they may want to go inside sooner than expected. We expect them to be out for no longer than an hour or so. The public are invited to see them, but we caution, due to the number of guests expected it may not be possible for all to see them. Our keepers will be on exhibit with them during this time as they become more familiar with the area. Once they are able to establish a routine, we hope to see them out on exhibit more often. We look forward to seeing our visitors meet our new additions to the zoo!