Next time you visit the Zoo, make certain to turn right at the end of the African boardwalk and spend some time with the Zoo’s resident warthogs. Neighboring the gazelle and kudu yard, the warthog is always an entertaining creature to watch as you tour Africa. The following interview took place with long time animal keeper, Amy Demchak, who is a favorite of Kumari, the Zoo’s resident female warthog.

1. From where does the breed of warthog we have at the Zoo originate?

  • Africa

2. How many warthogs do we have at the Zoo, and what are their names and ages?

  • Kumari (Female) age 7
  • Kijani (Male) age 4 or 5
  • 2 juveniles from last litter born in June

3. What do the warthogs like to eat, and what does their diet consist of at the Zoo?

  • The Zoo’s warthogs are fed, and love to eat romaine lettuce and apples.

4. Please share a few “quirky” facts about the Zoo’s warthogs?

  • For training and exams Kumari and Kijani love a back scratcher. It is used to relax them so that the animal keepers and/or vet staff are able to have contact with them.
  • No need for alarm! When you see a warthog, adult or baby, walking around on their knees, nothing is wrong. This method makes it easier for them to search for food on the ground.
  • Warthogs are actually very clean animals, and they only roll around in the dirt to cool off, and/or use the dirt as a bug repellant.

If you would like to know more about the Zoo’s warthogs, or any of our other Zoo resident, please write in to and we will do our best to feature your animal in an upcoming issue of Have You Herd or answer your questions directly.