The Zoo will be open this weekend with winter hours, but with colder temperatures continuing to affect the Baltimore area, not all exhibits will be open from Saturday, January 25th through Monday, January 27th. Please see below for a complete look at what animals will be visible:

Polar Bear Watch

  • The polar bears, ravens and Arctic foxes will remain on exhibit for the weekend

African Journey

  • African penguins will have outdoor access and may be visible
  • The Chimpanzee Forest will remain open and guests will see chimps, colobus monkeys, African crested porcupines and sifaka.
  • The Giraffe House will remain open for as long as possible. Due to potential heat loss in the building, if the temperature drops too low, the building may need to be closed early.

Maryland Wilderness

  • The cave, tree exhibit and hellbender exhibits will all be open, however, some animals are in going through brumation and may not be visible.