The cubs have names! After more than 43,000 votes the decision is in. You chose Luke & Leia as names for the Zoo’s lion cubs siblings. Thanks to everyone who voted. It came down to the wire, but ultimately this Star Wars inspired names were your favorites.

The cubs will continue to remain off exhibit until the warm weather returns and they’re able to be outside with another newly adopted female cub named Zuri from Zoo Miami. Right now, all three cubs are doing well and spending lots of time playing and exploring with each other. If you haven’t read it already, learn more about the cub’s bittersweet birth story.

Keepers who hand raised and cared for the two young cubs have chose four pairings of names and you voted for the names you liked best:

  • Luke and Leia – WINNER with 20,504 votes
  • Bart and Maggie – 934 votes
  • Kulu and Madoa – 18,960 votes
  • Lear and Circe – 2,920 votes

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Here’s the latest lion cub update:

The Zoo’s two new lion cubs aren’t on exhibit just yet, but are getting time to explore the space for short times under the watchful eye of keepers who have worked round the clock to hand raise them. They are both healthy and enjoy playing with one another. Solid foods are now part of their daily diet with the addition of meat as they no longer rely on formula. They’ll continue to be exposed to the exhibit space but depending on weather it could be some time before they are on exhibit for public viewing. We’ll keep you updated!

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